No one can choose when and to whom to fall in love with, but one can choose whether to ignore or embrace the feeling. I chose to embrace it, the moment I realize I am in love with you.

And then the universe seems to conspire with the time, convincing me that I am indeed was made from your missing rib; that my purpose of creation was solely to love and dedicate my life to you.

We have lived our decades in the ocean of lessons of pain, sorrow, loneliness, as well as joy. We are old and wise enough to understand that Allah most likely chose you for me, as I am for you.

I know how much frightening trusting can be, but come take my hand. Let’s be brave. Take risk with me.

I promise you one thing; even though I am not perfect, I might get scared, I might slip in fear, but Inshaallah you will always find my hands holding you.

Be my rock, baby, and I will be your crib.