Welcome to Neferland


“Neferland” is derived from two words: “Nefer” + “land”. Nefer taken from my initials, pronounced as one word (Nefer = NFR = Nina Firstavina Razad). And “Land” is the part of the Earth that is not covered by water.

When we combine the two words, we’ll get this blog. That simple. 🙂

And the picture above is pretty close to the “land” I had in mind.


About Nina


I’m a Muslima. Indonesian (it’s in the South East Asia, of Melayu race). Was born in Jakarta, grew up in Bandung, raised in multi-cultural environment.

New and different things always fascinate me. It makes me feel eager to learn of things I didn’t know.

  • Yes, “Firstavina” is my real name.
  • A mother of three
  • A journalist: ex newspaper reporter of Harian Jakarta. My specialty is in investigation, crime and law; was a court-journalist, Journalist of Mabes Polri (National Police HQ), Kejaksaan Agung (Attorney General Office) and MPR/DPR (House of Representatives)
  • An editor: Website editor of PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan.
  • A writer and Editor in Chief of Rose Heart Writers (RHW), and also one of the authors of GOOD LAWYER and GOOD LAWYER Season 2.

Me Likey:
Movies, games, music, science, general knowledge, languages, psychology, astronomy, technology, gadget, chocolate, pasta, tuna, and chicken. ^_^

Me DON’T Likey–but don’t hate:
Hmm.. almost none. But, due to my poor navigational skill—oh, never let me drive on my own to new places, I’ll get lost for sure!—I think I’m not so fond of geography. Aaaand… math *LOL, classic*

Movie Genre Preferences:
Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy.

Music Genre Preferences:
R&B, Rock, Alternative.

Games Preference:
Simulation, Strategy.

* * *

Okay, that’d be enough of a glimpse about this lil’ ol’ me.. Enjoy the reading and blog-walking. Stay Groovy!



  1. Dear Bu Nina

    pertama saya ingin menanyakan tentang profil bu Nina apa bu Nina pernah bersekolah di SDN 05 pagi jatipadang pasar minggu jika ya berarti saya sudah bertemu teman lama saya.
    terima kasih atas perhatiannya ditunggu jawaban dari ibu karena saya sedang mencari teman SD saya yang sudah lama tak jumpa,



    1. Ayaaaaaw… Nuhuun udah mampir, geulis… Masa sih blog-nya Qnoy banget? Hahaha… Old habit die hard meureun yaa.. ^_^
      Miss you more, Yawww.. Anak udah berapa sekarang? Jadi 3 yaaa? ^_^

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