[Puisi] selamat tinggal separuh jiwa

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(source: google)

Kalau saja aku mampu memutar ulang waktu,
Tak akan aku membiarkan diri jatuh bersimpuh di kakimu,
Tak akan aku membiarkan hatiku mengakar di hatimu..

Kini, laksana ruh yang bersenyawa dengan raga,
Aku harus memilih di antara dua:
Membiarkan hati ini mati perlahan,
Atau mencabutnya paksa tanpa belas kasihan..

Kepadamu, aku pernah berjanji–
Tena tappuna pangngaingku ri katte..
Percayalah itu akan kulakukan dalam sendiriku,
Karena Dirimu bukan dan takkan pernah menjadi milikku.
Selamat tinggal, separuh jiwaku..
Semoga dalam bimbangmu,
Dirimu menemukan kebahagiaan
Tanpa hadirku lagi di hadapan..

[Romance] when an extrovert falls in love with an introvert

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My boyfriend is an introvert type of man.
He’s extremely smart, charming, and preserve.
He doesn’t talk much. He doesn’t like too many people around.
Even though he’s social, still he doesn’t like chat that much.
He doesn’t speak up his mind. He prefers to keep it all for himself.
He doesn’t allow anyone to get that near to him, except me.

And me, the opposite. I’m an extrovert.
People who knows me said, I’m smart too, quite charming and expressive.
I talk a lot. I like mingling and being in the crowd.
As you may see, I’m a social person. Very much.
I don’t find myself hard to explain things I want to say. I even have a hard time to stop talking. Hahaha..
I have no problem letting people in and out of my life. But I find it extremely hard to let him go.

Yes. I am in love with him. An extrovert falls for an introvert.
Yes. He is in love with me. An introvert falls for an extrovert.
From my point of view, it’s like, I alienate myself from the crowd, just to be with him, and I am fine with that.
From his point of view, it’s like, he has to open up himself to me, just to be with me. And even though open up is something hard for him, he’s accepting me.

We are very much different, but we really enjoy each other’s company.
It’s just that sometimes we are having hard time understanding each other.
He doesn’t like to see me being so social. And I don’t like the way he withdraws himself away from me.

I can’t believe that he can really stop calling me for days. We are in this long distance relationship, so communication is important, hello! He left me hanging and wondering. Left me angry and disappointed. But then, the next day he calls, like nothing has happened. He didn’t think he’s doing something wrong. He’s just being that funny and naughty guy again.

If that happens, sometimes I got really mad. So mad, I even plotted a revenge. *LOL* I mean, how come he ignores me. Sometimes I think he’s being too comfort, knowing I love him, so that he disrespects me. Yeah, so I feel mad.
But every single time I try to feel calm down about this, I cast aside my ego and start to listen to my heart, I know I was thinking wrong. It’s not that he’s neglecting me. Of course he cares. He just needs time for himself. Because he’s introvert. And sure, my ego doesn’t believe this “answer”, until I find this short video. Thank you. 🙂

It reminds me the reason why I didn’t give up on him in the past 12 months.
Sure we were going on and off and on and off again–but we really couldn’t go away from each other.
We tried.
We can’t.
And I am not going to sit around and let my mind disappoint me again.

I remember I promised myself to love him endlessly.
I remember I swore myself to make him smile and happy.
And I am not going to let my ego ruin that promises.

I don’t know what’s on his mind, though. But we once discuss, we agreed that as long as he’s having me in his life, as long as he still talks to me like he usually do, it means he (still) loves me.

I think, when an extrovert loves an introvert, logic is not the only tool we should use. We must use our heart too. Listen to our hearts’ conversation. It may seem weird, but when two souls bound in one love, the two have the privilege to access each other’s heart. That’s what I think. Hope I won’t be wrong about that. If I was wrong, then I’m screwed. *LOL*

And here’s another informative video about extrovert vs introvert–just a reminder for me too. 😉

And these posters intrigued me. Worthy to memorize. *LOL*

(source: http://d.fastcompany.net/)
(source: http://a.fastcompany.net/)
(source: http://sdsurvivalguide.com/)

Have a nice weekends, folks..

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