Do not afraid of Loneliness (1)

(note: I wrote this entry almost a week ago.)

It’s past midnight, reaching Wednesday, and I’m still unable to sleep. My eyes already protested, but somehow I refuse to fall asleep. So I decided to message my bestfriend, Ali.

lonely purple galaxy
lonely galaxy

He’s been my buddy since 1989. Yep. Since junior high or 7th grade. We were at the same class. And two years later, 9th grade, or the final year of junior high, we sat on the same bench.

The normal classroom in state school of Indonesia, usually arranged in 4-5 columns and 4-5 rows, depends on the number of the students in the class. We sat on a wooden bench (about 1,5 meter in length) and write on the wooden desk. So the bench can be seated by two students. And at that final year, the class seat arrangement was boy-girl on every bench. Okay, so now you know. And yes, Ali was my bench-mate in 9th grade.

Since the first time I knew him, Ali is really a nice boy, sincere and dependable. But he’s a little rebellious. We get along well. And I wasn’t exactly a calm girl in my teenage. I’m a boyish, supple, but very strict. I don’t like chit-chat. I like to-the-point talks.

Wait, you might think I’m a strong character person, but I honestly think, it’s “only” the result of being raised by my Papa. Well, my Mama and Papa were divorced since I was 7-8 y.o. In the end, Mama took care of my sister and I lived with Papa. And Papa was a very busy person. He’s a flight officer, so he almost always fly for duty to another city or island, or even abroad to Australia, Europe and Africa. Mama was also a working mom. She tried her best to make time to visit me regularly, since we live in different city. Me and Papa lived in Jakarta, Mama works in Bandung and my little sister Pritha being taken care by Oma-Opa in Tasikmalaya. So, Mama was a tough woman indeed. 🙂

Anyways… back to Ali. We reunited after 20 years (we graduated junior high on 1991 and met again on year 2010/2011). Actually, Ali found me on facebook. It must be not so hard for him to trace me, since I’m a very narcissistic cyber citizen. Hahaha.. And because I have a very easy name to remember, but not easy to duplicate. I’m talking about my “firstavina” name. None else in this world using that name. Thanks for naming me so differently, Papa. I LOVE to be different! ^_^

It seems like my old time friends who noted my name in the back on their minds and spell it correctly as keyword in google or facebook (hahaha..) finally found me! One of them, was Ali. After that some other junior high friends of ours began to reconnect us. So we “ended up” maintaining this renewed friendship altogether again. At least 40 of junior high fellas and ladies are now reconnected, and we love to hang around, spending time together.

The funny thing is, Ali traced me first because we both turned out having the same profession: journalists. Hahahaha.. What a crazy world! We never thought that we, the bench-mates in junior high, living the same career as journalists, writers and editors–and we’re loving it! You know how journalists have incredible links with each other? Not just for news, but also friendship and work-ships. *LOL*

Apparently, Ali told me, I was quite “knownable” person in the field, while interviewing or collecting data for news report. This is fascinating, because I never thought I’m kinda famous among fellow journalists in Jakarta. hahaha.. ^_^ And thankfully, they heard me by integrity, not bad behavior. Hey! I’m a nice person. I never act wild or disrespectful. That’s why people liked to be my friend–I think. *LOL*

Okay, so, Ali found out about me from his college buddy. Seemed like his college-buddy knew me well, but I didn’t remember him at all.. *LOL* Sorry about that, mate! Ali’s buddy knew exactly where I usually stand by (the plotted area to work): Police HQ, Attorney General Office and House Representatives (MPR/DPR). Ow-kay… ^_^  And to learn that, Ali said, he’s pleased. He thought, I turned out doing a good job.

In short, Ali found me, messaged me, and hell yeah of course I still remember him! It’s impossible for me to forget good friends. And in my dictionary, there’s no such thing as EX FRIENDS. So, Ali and I were bestfriends again. He’s now married and has a daughter. Nice! ^_^ And I have no problem with that, because I believe, a married man and a married woman can still be bestfriends. Especially if they were already bestfriends in the past.

And tonight, I messaged Ali–oh, I call him by the name “Allay” since 7th grade. Indonesian today understand term “Allay” as a teenage rookie, but I swear I already called Allay by that name since 1989! ^_^

Yeah, so, I messaged him and asked him if I disturbed him whatsoever that night. He said, no. Go ahead. So, there… I began to tell him about what’s bothering my mind today.

Oh, we shared so much stories of our lives already. Things that worried us, and we’re giving advices to each other. Telling each other to stay patient, stay faithful to Allah’s will, and stay positive thinking. You know, things that normal bestfriends do: encourage and strengthen each other.

But tonight was a little different. Tonight, I talked about heart. Feelings.

No. Not feelings for him, but for this guy I called “iSky”.

Of course, he knew about iSky. I told him so. I told him that I’m in love with this guy I never met before. Not even know his real face. I only trust this guy and he has the quality that fit to mine. And since Ali knew me very well, he didn’t laugh at my story. Not even judged me. He trusted me and trusted my opinion. So if I said I’m in love with someone, it must be for a very strong reason. Regarding I’m no longer a young girl! Heck, we BOTH–me and Ali–are no longer young people! ^_^

But iSky IS. He’s so young. And by saying young, it’s an honest compliment. When I was his age, it’s my golden years.

Ehm.. you know what.. I will continue this story on the next entry. Hahaha… Sorry.. Need to go now.. ^_^ Wait for my part 2.

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  1. mhimi says:

    haloaaa, mampir. baca dengan mata berdarah T____T

    1. Ahahahaha… abis itu ternyata cerita utamanya belum muncul pula! Baru prolog. Hahaha.. maaf yaa.. ^_^

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