On The Road Photos (1)

Good evening, Comrades!

Lately, I have a new hobby.  Since I always ride the motor-taxi now, I have time to look around. Observing the motorcyclists–we often call them “riders”–I met on the road. Day by day, these riders fascinated me. I will not comment how they ride. I prefer to comment about what they’re wearing.

And to be honest, mostly, my eyes focused on their shoes. Hahaha.. Not that I’m a foot-fetish, but I do love shoes. ^_^

Okay, here comes the first pic..

firstavina.com says, nice shoes!
nice shoes!

The pic on the left, obviously, I love the shoes. My type of shoes: flat, earth-colored moccasin. Honestly, I’m not so good when it comes to fashion. I only wear things I liked and look pretty fit for me.

In my younger time, I always wear snickers. I love its durability and I can use it for a long walk without hurting my feet. But I stop using snickers when I begin my career. When I was still a journalist, wearing snickers was not a problem at all, but then I was assigned to government institutions which require a semi-formal clothing. Even for journalists. So, yeah, I started to turn my head to a more formal fashion, and shoes.

For clothings, I was still quite stubborn to keep my casual style, plus denim jacket and backpack. ^_^ But for shoes, my choice was flat (or maximum 3 cm heels) moccasin. I don’t do leather shoes. I like them, but they’re tough to maintain. I did use several leather shoes, and then the leather started to wrinkle and fell apart. It made the entire shoes look terrible. So, moccasin is the right type of shoes for me. Hmm..

firstavina.com says, nice jacket!
nice jacket!

Next pic, on the right. I love the jacket! Again, brown, earth-colored. I love earth colors. Synthetic (artificial) leather. Doesn’t matter. It still looks cool on her. ^_^

Anyways, even though I love the jacket, I never use leather or synthetic leather jacket. But recently my daughter bought me a synthetic leather jacket from anime theme: Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan. The soldiers’ jacket on the anime is really stylish.

Actually, I was aiming for the long coat of Akatsuki (from Naruto shiipuden anime series). Because it’s long–below knee length–black colored, contrasted with the red kintoun (holy cloud) emblem attached to it, and red layer inside. (see pic on the left, or click here). But Shingeki No Kyojin jacket my daughter bought me was pretty nice. A little tight though–and Audi (my daughter) told that she bought smaller size on purpose, so that I can go on diet to use it. What the… ~ bad, bad daughter! *sigh*

Hehehehe.. ^_^

firstavina.com says, nice pashmina!
nice pashmina!

Ow-kay.. next pic on the left… Ooh.. a mixed patterns with paisley accent pashmina. It’s pashmina, and it has paisley pattern!! Perfect combination. And the terracotta color made it more fascinating (for me) to see.

Oh, yeah, as you may see, I love pashminas. I ocassionally wear it as my hijab (head scarf). I personally love plain or simple patterns. And of all the patterns exist in this world, I love traditional ones. And paisley certainly IS one of the traditional patterns.

Perhaps, you, my dear reader-comrades, already knew what paisley is. It’s said, paisley pattern is a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian or Indian origin. Such a lovely pattern indeed!

firstavina.com says, nice style!
nice style!

Now, pic on the right….

This girl knew how to look good on motorcycle. She uses a backpack of the same color with her ride. And the red color of this motorcycle is so nice! Love it.

If you can see the inzet (upper left of the pic), it’s taken when I was about 10 meters behind her. Then, she went slower to take the right turn, and we got passed her. I was lucky to have succeeded to take a snap shot right before we went separate way. ^_^

Drive safely, sister!

Now, the picture below. Can you guess? Yes, it’s a Mazda 2 hatchback. One of the perfect types of city car. Somehow, every time I hit the road, this type of green Mazda 2 always caught my eyes’ attention.

firstavina.com says, nice car!
nice car!

There are many green hatchback type of cars all over Jakarta. You know, like green-colored Mitsubishi Mirage, green-colored Honda Jazz, green-colored Kia Visto, green-colored Proton Savvy, green-colored Chevrolet Spark, green-colored Suzuki Karimun, green-coloredNissan Juke, green-colored Hyundai Atoz or Gets, or green-colored Toyota Yaris. But Mazda green, IMHO, is the most appealing green-colored hatchback. As the matter of fact, it’s probably the most appealing green-colored CAR ever existed in Indonesia. I love it. But, I can’t afford to buy it. Hahaha.. One day, maybe.

Since Jakarta is a very crowded place, complete with stressful heavy traffic, and loooong queue line just to get through a simple intersection with traffic light, hatchback becomes a very ideal type of city car. It’s small but not too narrow, and not too heavy in weight, so it’s more agile. Beside, as a Jakartan driver, you must be VERY agile and skillful. MUST go FAST, but drive safely. Otherwise, riders behind you will suffer your slowness and recklessness. That’s why it’s really hard to be punctual in Jakarta. Everything depends on the traffic. If you don’t want to be late, you must go like 2-3 hours before the rendezvous time. Better early than late.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

Okay, that’s all for tonight’s entry. See you in more of “On the road Photos” entry series.

Drive safely!

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