I Miss You the Most When Raining

Rain rain rain

There is a place along the equator. About 7hrs to the east of GMT. There lies an archipelago, consisted of five large lands hundreds of small islands, and thousands of coasts..

That country is Indonesia. My motherland and my father-ocean.

In this kind of month, and at the end of each year, the monsoon wind has shifted. Changing the dry season to become rainy season.

I miss you the most when raining. And it’s been raining a lot now..

My religion taught me, Allah revealed the barrier between human and His Grace, on each rain. That is the time when Allah send Mikhail, the angel of fortune, to pour goodness and prosper to the earth. And, it is also the best time to say our prayer.

And so, my dear Allah, please hear the prayer of your humble servant. This prayer of mine..

Please protect and keep safe the people I love so dearly. Please keep their hearts to cherish Your every blessing. Please love them much more than I do.

“Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil. Ni’mal maula wa ni’man nasiir.”

There’s no better protector, but You. There’s no better savior, but You.

I put all my hope, trust, faith, fate of life and love in Your strong hands, Oh Allah. You always know what’s better for me. For all of us. Therefor, please keep blessing me with patience and wisdom. Aamiin..

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