Hey you, my future husband. Who ever you are, may Allah always protect and educate you within His blessings.

Prepare your body and soul. Ready your Islam knowledge. Straight up your deen. Strengthen your faith. Settle your heart.

Be the man of the brightest of brain, the most awesome, the widest of knowledge, the most valiant, the most special, because it is I the one you will beweded to.

One day you will learn my true self. I am not an ordinary woman you can conquer easily Trust me, only the toughest and the wisest able to be my imam, my captain.

Do not be arrogant! In my eyes, smug guys are trash.

Do not spread your charm to all women. In my eyes, the cheap womanizers is the same with the grey water in the sewer–absolutely useless.

Do not lie. My entire life, Allah hides me from liars. You will be invisible for me. Close to non existing

So, educate yourself to become the best and most obedient Muslim possible, my love. Otherwise, I will need to keep waiting, dude! Isn’t 42 years long enough of expecting? Don’t let me wait any longer, otherwise… You’ll frikkin’ see!!


#midnightprayer #suddenanger 😁