one tough kitty

Last night, my son was about to leave the house when he heard a kitten’s cry on our terrace. He snapped a pic of the kitten, asked me what to do.

This kitten came out of nowhere

At one glance I replied, take it inside, then my son left the house to pick me up from the office.
When we’re back home, this new kitten was so loudly meowing as we opened the door. I examined it–turns out, it’s a she, and found that she has this weird way of walking. I noticed her right hind foot covered in dirt. I kept a suspicion to myself. After we feed her, bathe her with warm water, cleaned up the “dirt” and dried her with a clean towel.

The right side paw was cut

And there it is, a severe injury on that ex dirt-covered foot. Her small paw was almost cut off entirely to the bone from the front and the back. Subhanallah, her foot was cut! That explains why she walks strangely. And yet, she managed to survive and healthy. She’s even a total playful, “chatty”, trusty (shown by her purr) and hyperactive tiny kitten.

The paw under is badly wounded
The left side paw was cut too

I said to her, “You are one lucky and tough little girl, aren’t you?”
She really is.

She’s so tiny

I put an iodined bandage and wrapped her foot with it, but only last for 30 minutes. She kept running here and there in the house, and at some point, the bandage was loose and fell off. So I put a band aid on her tiny paw. Hope this one would last longer.

Taytay and “Lucky” (?)

I still have no name for her. I considered the names like “Lucky”, “Chemong” (dirty face), and “Toph”—a pun for tough, and also the name of the mighty earth bender cartoon character, the friend of Avatar Aang. ๐Ÿ˜
What do you think?

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    1. She’s cute indeed, Daniel. She’s a loud tiny creature. ๐Ÿ˜€

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