poor kitty :(


I was walking from a Puskesmas (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat, Indonesian government general clinic, per residency) to go back to the office when I met this stray cat. Local breed, but she has such a beautiful mixed color, orange-ish, fur. She was domesticated, I believe. Because when I called her, “Puss, tsk tsk tsk” with my fingers snapping gently, she answered, walk nearer to me, and rub her head against my palm.

But I was shocked to find her neck is terribly wounded. It might be from a collar she wore as kitten. So when she grew bigger, the un-resize collar started to choke her. She might ran away from her home since kitten. Or abandoned, or her master moved from the house and didn’t bring her along, I really can’t tell. All I can predict is that the neck wound is clearly because of an undersized collar, or something like that, around her neck.

At some point, she might try to escape herself from the tight collar. The struggle must have taken its toll, and she ended up blistered. And lost her fur around it. Oh my God, poor kitty. I can only stroke her head, and she purred. It saddened me. 😦

I wish I could take her home, and take care of her wound until she recovers. After that, it’s up to her to stay or leave my house. But alas, I live quite far away (24 km) from the Puskesmas area, and I still need to go to work. There’s still 4 hours left for me to finish my daily tasks. I couldn’t take her with me.





Strangely, it seems she understands my situation. And I also think, she’s a good kitty that she doesn’t want to trouble me by any mean. So after I took three snaps to record the neck wound, she did her last head-bop against my long pink gamis (dress) and walk farther from me. Without even look back. My heart hurt a little. I took another snap before I walk toward another direction from hers. I bid her farewell.


In my heart, I prayed to Allah, please takes care of her, and heal her wound, ya Rabb. And, may Allah found her a good master whom going to take care of her wound, until the fur on her neck grow back normally.

Poor kitty, be strong. I’ve faith, Allah will take the best care of you.

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  1. Isky says:

    Nina, how are you?

    1. Isky! How are you, my friend? It’s been a long time, ya.. I’m doing okay, I guess. 😀

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