Being LPDP Awardee #1

Indeed that Allah works in mysterious way. And there’s no such thing as coincidence, only Allah’s written plan.

My former lecturer in the univ, after 13 years of my BA graduation, suddenly contacted me via facebook and he later invited me to propose a scholarship to Leiden Univ. in Netherland, because it happened that he’s there to attend the sandwich program. So he’d be there in the next 3 months. He invited me because he thought my skill and experience son publishing area may come in very handy for Leiden. And so I think I’ma go for it. ^_^ The next three days, I talked to my officemate about it (he already had a master degree) and he suggested about the subject I should take for my thesis. The next three days, a colleague from Semarang (I’m in Jakarta) gave me an excellent idea for a thesis subject. And so I immediately discuss this with my former lecturer. And guess what, just last night he replied, “Nina, rejoice! Your thesis subject apparently is my professor’s favorite..” and he wrote the guidance for me of how to obtain the scholarship. And my google search lead me to this blog, Septi!

Now, the information of your entry here is stunningly useful and complete, syukran! Alhamdulillah you’re among those who were succeeded and now in Glasgow? Amazing! I always want to go to study in England! But Netherland is not a bad choice either, I believe!

Now it’s my turn to do my best effort to propose LPDP. Please do pray me luck and hope this is the path Allah has written me as well. I fully, completely, put my faith and my life in Allah’s strong hands. And meanwhile, please be my friend. ^_^

Barakallahu fikum. Salam..
– Nina F. Rasyad –

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