psychologymatters-asia-cat_hugIt is said that everybody must have a “code” in their lives. It’s how they define their entire lives.

My code is “LOVING”.

I may get mad. I may get furious. I may feel disappointment. I may shout and yell in anger, but they all won’t last long. Because I’m incapable of hating. I can only love and loving.

Some people might take advantage of this. Some might make fun of me. Some might think such code is really weak. Some even might use me for it. But I will only smile and keep walking, stay faithful with my code.

Perhaps those people only forgot, this universe stay intact because of love. God’s love that is.

Heck no, I’m no God, not even a saint. I’m a sinner, with much love in my mind, body and soul.

I may not defend myself when people came to attack/use/mock me because of this code, but I KNOW, God Himself WILL protect me.