My Beautiful


My beautiful,
Tell me why do you seem distant?
Why so gloomy lately?
What’s been bothering your mind?
Allow me hold your hand, look me in the eyes and tell me everything that heave your heart.
Allow me to touch your soul and hold it close to mine, so you won’t feel alone anymore.

My beautiful,
You are a sun that shines my universe.
Little clouds may come and try to steal your bright,
But fear not, for a sun will always be a sun, a star will always be a star.
Things, bad and good, may come and go
They will try to tackle you down and shake you hard,
But the essence of you will remain holy

That’s why sadness and tears never fit for your calm face
Again, look at me in the eyes
Share me your burdens
Hold my hands tight and let’s walk together.
You’ll never alone as long as the air still filling my lungs

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