ImageAmong many sadnesses in the world,
alas, there come this day.

The calm water suddenly shook by a violent storm came out of thin air.
My boat was tumbled,
and smashed apart.
It breaks into pieces.

Once. I still have my body to get up and stand.

Twice. My body’s bruised, but I still have my heart to hold.

Thrice. And three time’s a charm. My heart’s destroyed.

I have nothing left. Only a little hope to carry on.

And some people said, I’m a liar.
Said, I’m a deceiver.
Said, I’m a traitor.
I can only inhale and keep walking my path,
Bid them farewell with my mouth shut,
holding my bleeding soul.

If only those people willing to think positive of me,
Patiently walking by my side
with no assumption of me,
Then maybe they will see
what my old friends see..
They may see the reason
why my old friends of many backgrounds
and ideologies,
staying friends with me..

But, nobody can force others what they want
and not want.
And the clock on my wall doesn’t stop ticking..
Therefore, I keep on walking,
With a destroyed heart in my chest
and bleeding soul in my conscience.

How can I be the angel you wanted me to,
if you already clipped my wings
before they even sprouted?
How can I be the person you needed,
if you don’t let me grow?

If this is lust and not real feeling,
how come the tears pour down from my soul
instead of my eyes.

I now no longer know
what’s the purpose of my heart’s existence.
Says that heart is to love and love is forever.
Now, I only know one thing,
When you were gone, so was forever.

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