My cat, Pippi, she’s impatient sometimes.

Every 5 hours she will meow, asking for good. When I opened up the fridge, she started to get noisier, impatient. I took a spoonful of canned fish onto her feeding bowl, she immediately munch herself in. Eh? I was about to give her two spoons, but well, I couldn’t add any since her head is in the way. Maybe I’ll put more later.

Next time, Pippi meows, asking for food again. Like usual, I opened the fridge. But this time, she waits. Patiently sitting next to her bowl. I took the canned fish and put a spoonful onto the bowl. She sniffs, and back to her position. Sitting. Staring at me. Waiting. So I add another spoonful of fish to her bowl. Then I put back the can into the fridge. From the corner of my eye, I can see she still stares at me. So I pat her head and says, “Alright, you go eat. Good girl.” Then she will eat, slowly.

Pippi’s behavior sometimes get on my nerves, but I love her dearly. No matter how annoyed I felt, I love her and will never abandon her. When she plays outside, I will look and call for her to return. When she’s around, I will give her many hugs and kisses, although she felt uncomfortable about it. πŸ˜‚ Most of the time, I miss her affection, and she’s an aloof type of cat. 🀨 Independent. But, still, I want her to come to me, to pet her.

This evening, I contemplated my life and couldn’t help but thinking the analogy of that simple interactions between I and my cat. It feels like my relationship with Allah, when sometimes He says: Wait, be patient (sabr) for I have another plan for you.

And, possibly, Allah also call me and said: I know you are an independent being, but I am your Rabb, so why don’t you come to me and rely on me?


It’s true. Sometimes it is I who act too proud and impatient towards my Lord’s command.

May Allah forgives.. 🀲