the right choice vs the easy choice

I’ve heard this line, a lot. Especially from books and movies—The Core, Harry Potter (and The Goblet of Fire), are two of the movies.

The first time I heard of the line was in 2004, or so, and think about it a lot ever since. I think hard and slow. My entire life—before stumbled onto the line—I thought choices are only the right choice and wrong ones.

After that, I realized, indeed, nobody (in their right mind) will choose the wrong choice. At least, not consciously or knowingly. I mean, human are blessed with intelligence and “alarm system” behind their back, known as conscience.

Even if they choose wrong, usually it’s because they didn’t know better. Or it’s because it is an easier choice.

Since the beginning of time, the path of truth and righteousness indeed never easy. It is much easier to lie and then (try to) get away with it.

Every time I think about that, the line: right choice and easy choice, always kicks in.

To me, whomever come up with the line the first time is seriously a gentle person whose understanding of life is simply, amazingly, deep. And gentle. And loving. ☺️ Why? Because presenting bitter facts with simple and light words—yet persuading in some degree—is never easy, if you know what I mean..

Just my opinion, though.

Anyway, happy new year, KawaNina. May Allah keep blessing you with the strength of patience and the courage to do the right things and choose the right choice. 💕

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