When Allah Speaks

❤️ Lately Allah often speaks to me when I am in my most vulnerable moment.

I just lost someone very important for me. No, not lost to the hands of death, but rather to the hands of ego—which is worse, tbh. And yesterday was our last conversation, by text. It went good and I’m glad we ended everything in peaceful way. A sweet goodbye.

Nothing is sweet about goodbye, honestly. It’s painful. Anyway, our goodbye was much better than hanging words in anger. I have said to him everything I wanted to say. Therefore, there is nothing left to say anymore. He will remain a person I am loving deeply within me. But some love is unwelcome. So it is best to let go.

This left me heartbroken—although this is not the first time he made me feel such. I can only hope, this will be the last agony he ever let me feel. Today I woke up empty. But I knew, it has to be done, to teach myself to be stronger and wiser. I need move on with my own life. Without him.

The wound is still fresh. And open. In my half delirium mind, I clicked on #Canva apps, try to seek inspiration and, probably, to express how I feel right now. And this, appeared at “home” as the apps opened. Somebody—only Allah knows whom—must have created it with Canva and posted it on #Instagram, and Canva caught the entry and slipped it as suggestion in my “home” design suggestion. What are the odds?

My romantic mind just understood it directly as Allah spoke to me. And I’m listening, as always. Because simply, there is no such thing as coincidence.

Anyway, I thought patience is my superpower. But clearly Allah wants me to learn more and more. Why? Only Allah knows the answer. Allah is my ilah, the sole entity worthy worshipped and nothing else. Allah is the captain of my ship. I’m trusting my life in His hands. It’s an honor, because I know, I am just an insignificant slave. Being loved and handled by Allah is a great honor.

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you for reminding me to be patient, O Rabb ❤️ and thank you for watching my back all the time.

#selfreminder #contemplatinglife #selfcontemplation #Alhamdulillah

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