if only you knew

If only you knew, how much Allah loves you,
through me.

Even though I am loving you one-sidedly,
Even though every day I try my best to ignore this feeling,
Even though every night I determined to make more space between you and I,
As if our physical distance of two continents apart is not enough.

I let all my sorrow and anger of rejection bury me before sleep,
With hope the next morning I’d wake up to find my feelings for you have vanished.

That kind of morning never came.

All the bad thoughts somehow neutralized during my sleep
And I only wake up with positive feelings for you.

And no matter how many times and how badly my heart cracks,
breaks, smashed, burnt into pieces by your constant friendzone
It will reshape again in whole, no scar left, only warm feeling of loving

If only you knew how much Allah loves you
through me..

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