six years and counting (2)

I remember talking to my dad about this “qualifications” stuff. Well, my dad and mom were also divorced, my (late) mom married again later on, but both my parents remain good friends, even dad is friend with my stepdad. Of course it takes time to reach that point. When mom died, my dad carried her coffin to her final resting place.

Anyways, back to my past conversation with Dad about qualifications, I asked him, why he never married again? He replied, the older you are the more careful you become. And the qualifications for your partner also going sky-higher. Because when years pass you by, you realized, trusting someone is getting harder now.

As years passing, you will witness there are worse and worse people in front of you. True, good, and pure people are very rare. Most of them already taken, and what’s left on the society are those who are…. disappointed with life.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think all people are basically good. We all are born innocent and can always return to the kindness we should be. But some of us made terrible decisions in life that may hurt others, or worse, hurt ourselves. It wounded us. And it changed us.

Some of us think, we can’t go back and return to innocence. We have damaged others and it makes us feel worse, but in order to stay alive and comfortable about it, we numbed ourselves. Pretending nothing terrible happened in our lives leaving scars. Convincing ourselves all is good and all is in the past. We didn’t realize, some of those scars can poisoned us to certain level.

And if I can say something about this, for those who feels like this, please make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself. And forgive others. If you have wronged other people, apologize. You may not completely innocent anymore, but you are growing wiser now.

I won’t say it’s easy–it’s not. But nothing is easy in this world anyway. Do that, inshaallah, you will find peace and ready to be that kind-hearted person again.

Again, to be continued.. šŸ˜šŸ’•

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  1. Ahmed Buhamad says:

    One of the best posts I read for you. Continue to excell.

    1. Nina Razad says:

      Thank you so much šŸ„°šŸ™
      You are such a great reader. I’d like to know you better but how can I contact you in person? šŸ¤­

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