Prepare yourselves from tsunami

Last Saturday, a tsunami wave struck and destroyed three districts of Indonesia: Lampung Utara (of Sumatra Island), Serang and Pandeglang (of Banten, in Java Island). Death toll reaches 400 and counting. Dozens still missing. Hundreds of buildings, houses, hotels, are wrecked, heavily damaged. There was no earthquake, so nothing triggered the early warning system. Experts think, the tsunami was caused by collapse after the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted.

This disaster had become a highlight not only local medias, but international medias as well. It’s only natural because Krakatau volcano can be a very serious threat. The last time it erupted was 1883, and it caused massive disaster in Indonesia, all the way to the rest of the globe, even America continent. The ashes flew so high and so thick, the sun ray could not penetrated the smoke, causing Indonesia–this tropical country–suffered 8°C temperature for months. Surviving people at that time were facing froze to death threat, crops dried out, children were dying from hunger. Awful, AWFUL, time. Guess the world still remember and took record on that hundred years ago. We know, we do. 🇮🇩

And of course, not only the volcano eruption, tsunami is also deadly that caused death toll at that time very high. About 38.000 deaths, I think (if I can still remember good of the history I learned in the school). And that was ancient time where people are not as many as they are now. Sumatra and Java islands are Indonesia’s main islands, where most of Indonesians live here. If the eruption happens again, plus tsunami hit Banten, Lampung, Jakarta (where I dwell), Tangerang, Bekasi, Cianjur, Sukabumi, as predicted, well…. Almost certainly, the death toll will reach millions. I’m not kidding. Jakarta alone is inhabitated by about 11 millions people. And not to mention the Bodetabek–Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (cities that surround Jakarta), about 20 millions more live in those cities. Don’t believe me? Google it. 😁 Well, my data may not be very accurate though.. It’s just a rough calculation. Do your own homework, dude. 😋

Anywaaaaay.. My entry for now is these link of videos made by the UNESCO: short educational films about tsunami. My teammate at the office group shared it, and I thought, well this is useful, so I’ma sharing it with the world via my blog, because why not, right? So, enjoy. Hope the information is useful. 😉🙏

1. Tsunami Preparedness

2. Tsunami Early Warning System

3. Tsunami Evacuation

4. Tsunami Survival Strategy


Well, if you guys heard about volcano eruption, landslides, earthquake, tsunami happen in Indonesia, please pray for us and wish us luck.. 🙏😊 May Allah protect us all.

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  1. Hope you’re doing good.

    1. Nina Razad says:

      Alhamdulillah, I am doing good, my friend. Thank you for asking. I live in South Jakarta, so it’s quite far from the ocean. 😉 Thank you for your concern, dear. 💐

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