Lord, I beg for Thy love

Dear Allah,

If I were still allowed to have a husband, please make him the best and the last person I married, in this dunya and akhirah. May he be the most wonderful man of great knowledge and wisdom, who will always be patient in guiding me, love to listen to me, gently correcting me, sincerely loving me, and courageously protecting me. And, may he do all that, sincerely, for he loves and obeys You, O Lord.

But if Your will were otherwise, then bless me with incredible patience, of my heart, my body, my soul, my desires, and my thoughts. Do not let me slip into filthy way life. Do not let me approach any of wrongdoings. Do not let me go far from Your mercy. Do not leave me bathe in slander as an escape from my frustration. Bless me with the patience of worldly affairs, like the patience of Rasulullah, SAW’s.

And, whatever destiny of my future will be, please take me as a syahidah, a martyr, which You will later greet in politeness and warmth, as if I was a great guest of Your jannah.

O Rabb, whatever Your will is, I will obey. So hold my heart, always, in the shade of Your kindness, and strengthen my heart in Your deen. Aamiiin aamiin ya mujibassailiin …

May all the Family and KawaNina always in Allah’s rahman and rahim. Aamiiin …

#FridayPrayer #withallmyheart πŸ™πŸ˜šπŸ’•

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