might be the reasons why I’m single

I talked to my old good friend of elementary school (we knew each other since 2nd grade in 1985–yup, that’s a solid 33 years of friendship) about “Why smart women are not appealing for men.”

And since he’s a guy, he revealed the answer, “Men are not as confident as they may seem. Especially when facing a smart woman, such as you.”

“What are you talking about? I am not smart,” I replied.

“Of course you are. I know you for a very long time, remember?”

Okay. Can’t argue with that guy anyway. He never lies. I’ve known him for 33 years and not once he ever lied to me. That’s why we are good friends for almost the rest of our lives.

“So, why are they not confident?” I finally broke the ice.

“Well, they will reconsider, like several more times, to make a move on a smart lady. Except for men who are very sure that their intelligence exceed yours,” he answered.

“Ah. Men and egos,” I sighed.

“Can’t blame us that. It’s our last defense mechanism. God programmed us so,” he chuckled.

“I guess that’s part of reasons why I’m still single, don’t you think? I mean, aside of the reason that this part of life is what God has designed, for me,” again, I sighed.

This wise friend of mine was just smiling, mysteriously. And he said, “Just trust God’s timing. Be patient.”

I giggled, and say, “I’m doing exactly that, don’t you see?”

“I do. And so does, God. Just wait a little bit more. The best man you need will come for you. Give that guy time. God is guiding his heart to find you. And if he’s already found you, just give him chance to find out about his feeling toward you, before he decided to go bold and ask your hand in marriage. Just sit back, relax, and let God work it out. There are things in life you don’t control, you know,” he said.

“I know, I know..” I scratched my head. Not because it felt itchy, but because I think he had the point. Again, can’t argue with that.

So, here I am, still patiently waiting for “the one”. When I finally meet him, I will find this post and edit it just to say: HE FOUND ME! And we’ll see how many years between this post and his proposal. Hahaha..

Aaaand, happy Satnite, KawaNina. πŸ˜‰


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  1. Is this the reason why I’m single. Not sure, will have to verify it.

    1. Nina Razad says:

      Haha.. Well, sadly, Indonesian men are not so bold when it comes to smart and romantic women–like myself. πŸ˜…

      Some of my friends suggested I should “expand my horizon” and date a foreign man… Uh, but long distance relationship is never a good idea for adult like us, don’t you think so too, my friend?

      1. Well I don’t know how the long distance relationship would work.

        But if loves there no boundaries can stop anyone.. πŸ˜‰

      2. Nina Razad says:

        Theoritically, it’s true. But in reality, uh well….. πŸ˜… Anyway, I’ll look forward for such love. Haven’t found one yet. 🀭

      3. Same here, haven’t found one yet.

        But having said that, you might have actually had crush on someone, did you had the guts to tell them.

      4. Nina Razad says:

        I did, to be honest. I’m a bold woman when it comes to confession.

        And he said, no, we’re just friends.

        I found the real meaning of crush, really. Crushed, to be precise. 🀣

        And you?

      5. Mine also got crushed like yours, as she was committed to someone else.

      6. Nina Razad says:


        Such thing also happened to me in the past. Once. Not only it was crushed, it felt burned also. You couldn’t do anything about it. πŸ˜”

      7. True, but that was my first time and it was all magical… And I’m glad it happened to me. 😊

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