Movie Review: Gifted

I don’t usually watch drama films. But this one is absolutely GREAT! About an uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans) raising his genius niece, Mary, since her mother, named Diane–a math genius–committed suicide. Frank knows his niece is a math genius, but he tried his best to give Mary a normal life, so she won’t feel different, alienated, like her mother was.

Eventually, the school Mary attended recognized her genius and they try to persuade Frank to let Mary has a full scholarship to this special school. Frank turned it down, so they contacted Mary’s grandmother, Evelyn. Being a perfectionist, also a math genius and precise lady, Evelyn wanted Mary to have a better life than Diane’s. Believing Frank was wasting her granddaughter’s talent, Evelyn fights her son for the Mary’s custody.

The film still playing, but it’s amazing already. Emotionally-stirring. Evans played the role of Frank, a (also) genius uncle, beautifully. His fatherly love obviously surfaced all over the film.

Well, just watch it. Worth your time. 😘

Oh, by the way, what I like the most about the film is the dialogue. Smart conversations and interactions. I love, love, love it!

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