serious as h*ll

I live my last 20 years becoming a mother. Now, I’m a mother of three. I’ve been married twice, and divorced. It means I disappointed, twice. Then my dummy heart ask for another–someone to trust again, while my logic is severely wounded and stop believing in love. Never again. This is a battle of wounded logic vs “good, trusty” heart.

Meanwhile, my kids are growing. My first born is now 19, and his younger sister is now 17. And both are matured way earlier than the teenagers their age. Just like I was. I grew too damn fast because of the situation. Even so, I’m a cool mom. Well, at least that’s what I believed about myself. Haha.. And I’m happy I raised wise young man and young woman.

Our conversations are usually funny, full of jokes and we talk just about everything, even the stupid ones. We even do sitcom-ish, daily. But once every blue moon, my two teens and I could talk about serious things. And today, is the blue moon “day”. My daughter tagged me this post on her LINE. And here went the convo:

And I am sure, after you read the screen shot, I have no more to explain. You’d get it.

Anyways, I only want to say that I’m proud of my daughter and my sons. They take a good care of me, this lonely, hurt, pathetic lady. I made awful mistakes in life, and I paid it with my broken heart and mental.

I just wish Allah would have mercy on me, and hope Allah’d still willing to keep His eyes on me. Inshallah. Aameen for that.

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