Wrote this on April 9, 2016. My daughter was born April 9, 1999.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Raising you, surely, is fun. Because I couldn’t believe myself, 17 years have passed. Really?

You were a tiny, weepy, baby, who never wanted to be touched by anyone but mommy. πŸ˜„Β  And look at you now. Growing up to become an independent, strong, sharp, and wise girl.


Just so you know, you are a duplicate of me who copied almost 90% of my entire characters. Especially, the stubborn and rebellious part. But, like me, you also know how to behave sweet and innocent. We adapt, but never let anyone mess up with our own judgment. Our lives are our decisions. You’re like a chameleon. Like me. Well, perhaps there are some of my “charms” you haven’t found, yet. But you’re smart. You’d figure out.

Happy birthday, littil bunny. Mommy loves you. 😘😘😘😘😘