Men, Compliment your Ladies

Hello, dear KawaNina (Nina’s friends).

Perhaps some of you, friends and family, already knew that I’m pretty much an otaku–Japanese anime big time fan. Yup. That’s me. Not so fanatic, though. I never fond of something too much, since I prefer to keep everything in modest way-possible. But, I do love cartoons since little kid. I grew up loving Japanese manga (comics) and anime. And even though I am now a mother of 2 sons and a daughter, and in my almost 40-years-of-age, I still love anime. My kids love anime too, so we talk about this topic sometimes. It’s a good ice-breaking kind of conversation.

Anyway, my preference of genres are comedy (mainly) and romance. I called it, Romcom–Romance Comedy. I watched a lot of anime series from TV and even streaming via internet. And I watched them in my spare time. The past few months, I’ve been watching some series like “Shokugeki no Soma” (cooking fight style anime, slice of life, comedy), B Gata H Kei (school life, Romcom), DxD High School (school life, Romcom, harem)–it’s rather an anime for adult, since there are lots of nudity. So make sure you’re 18++ when watching that last one! And the last anime I am watching (it’s still ongoing) is “Nisekoi“. Means false love. The genre is school life and Romcom.

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I love the series because it has fast plot, and that classic misunderstanding situations that leads to funny reactions. But the writer didn’t let the characters involved in too long time of misunderstanding. Like I said, fast plot. And it’s great! It love fast plot kind of story, but they still keep the details in a good way. Generally, it’s a great anime and I recommend you to watch. It’s appropriate for teenage viewers too. And the anime made exactly like it is in the comic (manga), even more in details. So, again, it’s a great anime overall!

And this morning, while I’m enjoying my breakfast at the office, I streamed watching Nisekoi’s first episode of season 2. I know, I was so late in watching the series, but hey, Japan produces hundreds of new title series every week, so I take everything easy and deliberately picking only the anime I would like to watch.

After watching the episode, I feel the urge to write an entry in my blog about it. Because the story in the episode was so “daily life”. A girl (Chitoge) falls in love with a boy (Ichijo Raku) and try so hard to get him notice her, by change something. From lips, shampoo, to ribbons. Even though they’re “fake” boyfriend and girlfriend, and spend a lot of time together to prevent suspicious from the girl’s bodyguard, still Chitoge try to make Raku notice her changes. To test if Raku liked her too. And, of course, as a thick-headed boy, Raku “did not” notice. It makes Chitoge furious. But to her surprise, actually Raku noticed the changes. But he prefers to keep it to himself rather than express it to her.

The battle in Chitoge’s mind about her feelings, the relationship (keep it unreal or expect more?), the friendship, all are pretty much the same with the battle within every girl’s mind. Or at least, my mind. The writer was excellent in describing those complicated thoughts into a simple scenes.

However, there’s one thing came into my mind after watching it. “Men, compliment your ladies.”

Why? Because, first of all, a lady doesn’t need any compliment from other people but her manSecond, you wouldn’t believe the troubles a lady must overcome (her efforts) in order to please her man’s eyes. Appreciate it.

Now, feel free to watch the episode I mentioned above, by clicking here:

Happy Friday. 🙂

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