Youtubers – Markiplier, Congratulations for the 10 mills subcribers!

I used to watch youtube and post some for working matter. I rarely watch the youtubers’ actions, running their channels.

And, in the past 2-3 years I’ve been watching youtube, like, daily. There are some youtubers I came across and liking them, subscribed to their channel. At first, I only subscribe to band or musicians. Then, I started to enjoy watching gamers doing walkthrough.

To me, my game-time has ended, so I’d rather watch other people playing games while I’m doing my work. So, having those gamers recorded their play and walkthrough were actually help me, personally, satisfied both “tasks”–entertaining myself, AND working.

Yes, I can do both; “playing” and working. I’m a multitasking kind of person. I do 2-3 things at once, and neither any of them ever bother me at all. I can finish all my tasks in given time anyway. Perhaps not so many people can do like I did, right? 😀 Well, thank Allah for blessing me with such–uh, I don’t know how to call this–ability?

Anyways, there are few of my favorite youtubers. One of them is Markiplier. And he’s just reaching 10 millions subscribers!!

Congratulations, Mark! 


In June, he reached 5 millions subscribers, and this October, 10 mills?? Twice in only 4 months? Isn’t that insane!?

He kind of reminded me with Pewdiepie. Yup, Poods (the Bro Army called him that way) also one of my favorite youtubers. Both men, Poods and Mark are fun men with wicked sense of humor. But, to be honest, I personally like Mark more. He has a more sincere manner. The way he laugh, smile, act crazy, or even talk to show his appreciation, they were all sincere. Well, at least that’s how I felt about him.

He’s like this guy next door who you can actually talk to without feeling afraid he’d scold you away. And I actually believed when he said that he didn’t do all of this for fame. He’s done it for fun and to entertain other people. I watched so many of his entries, especially the “let’s play” videos–and, do you know that you can see other people’s true color when they’re relaxed? Because relaxing makes us put down our own guard. Playing game is relaxing. And games, nowadays, are filled with strategy, consequences, butterfly effects, type of game–so, somewhat the gamer’s choices in the game would reveal their personalities. I never said that choosing bad choices make you a bad person. No. In life (or game) in some situations, we will do bad choices too anyway–be it out of panic, or accidentally clicked the wrong button, or simply don’t really understand the situation. But, still, you can tell one’s characteristic by that. 😀

And Mark. Well, he’s a nice guy on every level possible. If I may, I’d like to meet him one day in person. He impressed me, that’s why. 🙂 But, since he lives in LA, USA, and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and google map said, the distance between the LA to Jakarta is  8,981 miles or 14,453.52 km (7,804.27 nautical miles), the chance to meet him would be really really really slim. But, hey, who knows? 😉

Anyways, this is Mark’s video, talked about the 10 mills subs milestone:

And then he made this video to “celebrate” it. Hahahaha.. Creativity comes from within, indeed, Mark.

It’s so you. 🙂 Congratulations, again, Mark.

I love you. ❤

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