[note to self] 27 things you need to do before settle down. again.

My former lecturer in the university (Unpad) shared this on his wall.. And since I was thinking (or not! haha..) about settling down, once again, I took note of the list of what to do before settle down. Again. Let’s check which point I’ve done and not yet.

27 things you need to do before settle down (buzz feed version)

  1. travel with BFFs (noted)
  2. learn to cook (check — already a master-ish.. 😀 )
  3. be financially independent (check. for the past 15 years, thank you)
  4. face one of your biggest fears (check. And I’m still afraid of it. KawaNina may not know, but I have this phobia of holes. Lots of holes. It calls Trypophobia. I am now able to neutralize the thought of seeing the holes, but my body couldn’t help but feeling itchy all over. Seriously.)
  5. live alone (check. already have. Now I’m with my kids)
  6. accomplish a goal (noted. I always wanted to be an astronaut. But I guess it’s a dream, not a goal. Perhaps meeting Markiplier or Pewdiepie is a pretty decent goal, don’t you think?)
  7. find your drink of choice (check. it doesn’t have to be alcohol, does it? Then, I chose you, cappuccino frappe. Yes, please)
  8. make the first move (on what? a guy? I never have any problem making first move. So, yeah, check!)
  9. challenge yourself (noted. I’m dieting. And I must succeed!)
  10. take a road trip (check. many times. but, I can always do it again though..)
  11. try a nice restaurant by yourself (hmmm.. noted.)
  12. live somewhere else (I’m thinking Canada. Or England. But that might be nearly impossible. for now.)
  13. learn to drive manual (check. already mastering it)
  14. find a new show and watch it all in one weekend (check. done. I’m a loyal watcher of youtubers, such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Rhett and Link, Tetra Ninja, Nukemdukem, Cinnamontoast Ken, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, The Merciful Servant, etc. They always have something new.)
  15. get fit (noted.)
  16. build something with your hands (can novel be considered as “build something”?)
  17. stay up until the sunrise (ah! often, sir. I know why it’s put in the list. It’s kinda a practice to stay up late when you’re having baby. Man, I’m already past that.)
  18. see your favorite artist live (noted. I wish Bjork returned to Indonesia again.)
  19. make a list of books to read, and then read them all (this is tricky, but okay. noted)
  20. learn to fight (euh.. okay. noted)
  21. volunteer (noted)
  22. try a new hobby (oh, I often change my hobbies. Changing hobby is kind of… well, a hobby)
  23. apply for your dream job (noted)
  24. keep a journal (check. been doing it since elementary school)
  25. have a long conversation with a stranger (oh, often! And I have no problem doing this. check)
  26. do something crazy and spontaneous (hmm.. like suddenly fly to other island/cities for no reason, surprising my friends there? check!)
  27. get to know yourself (I think I know myself enough. check)

That’s it. Kind of fun. Still have to do some things though.. 😉

Happy Monday, all.

*I edited the title. Ha! It’s kind of different now, hm? 😀

buzzfeed-27 things

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