[Soul Soother] 10 Beautiful Nasheeds

As I mentioned earlier in my previous posting, music is actually haram for Muslim. But we allowed to praise Allah and Rasulullah by recite shalawat and nasheed–no music, vocals only, usually only male, since female voice considered tempting and close to zina (adultery). Or even Qur’an recite. It’s way better than common music with foul lyrics.

And I found this beautiful nasheeds in the youtube, mixed with various language. I kind of feeling “goosebumpy” listening it. Not because of their beautiful voices, but rather the overwhelming feelings in admiration to Allah, for creating such beautiful people with beautiful voice to praise Him and Rasulullah.

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Video Published on 25 Apr 2014

1. Allahu (Heart Touching Nasheed)
2. La ilaha illAllah – Mishary Rashid Alafasy
3. Maher Zain – Insha Allah
4. Sameer Al Bashiri – In Aradtum
5. Maher Zain – Assalamu Alayka
6. Muhammad Al Omary – Verily, you are an angel
7. Maher Zain – Radhitu Billahi Rabba
8. Subhanallahi ve bi hamdihi – Subhanallahil azim
9. Maher Zain – For The Rest Of My Life
10. Red betarish – Mishary Rashid Al-Affasy – Khalid ibn al-Walid (r.a.) Nashee

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