[Soul Soother] Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Since the end of Ramadhan, I taught myself to reduce my ears from listening to music. It’s hard, I admit. I’ve been listening to music since baby. I don’t blame my parents though. I just need to educate myself to stop listening to music, since it’s actually haram for Muslim. It’s true.

As it’s said in a hadits, shahih, inshallah:

The prophet (sallah allahu alieh wasalam) said “There will be in my Ummah those who make it halal (permissible) adultery/fornication, silk, alcohol and musical instruments.” [Hadits Riwayat Bukhari of hadits Abu Malik Al-Asy’ari atau Abu Amir Al-Asy’ari]

As an obedient Muslim (wannabe), what ever Allah and Rasulullah required us to do, it will be done.

Sami’na wa atho’na (we hear and we obey).

Even though the enemies of Islam tried so hard to turn this upside down and around, but eventually it is Allah Himself saved us from the wrongdoings, by showing us the right way–it calls Hidayah. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, back to musicless life plan, so I redirected my music preference to Islamic-related. Still, there is actually no music for Muslim. Only Qur’an recite (murattal). Then again, Muslims taught there is also “shalawat”–pray and praises to Rasulullah Muhammad Salallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam (pbuh), and nasheed (singing but no music). And since I am so much in love with our prophet, even though I’ve never met him in person, that he died centuries ago, I chose Qur’an recite, shalawat and nasheed as the substitution of the “common” songs/music.

Trust me, it’s so, so, so hard to stop listening to music. Even though I want to be that pious, obedient Muslima, I am still a mere human; with flaw and lust. And Rome wasn’t build in one day, right? 😀 Okay, I just made it as a lame excuse. I shall try harder and become a better ummah for my beloved prophet. A better slave for my Allah almighty.

And there is one lovely shalawat came from this Swedish Muslim singer, Maher Zain. It’s acceptable in my ears and qolb (heart/conscience). Allow me to share it here. I copy-pasted the lyrics, in Arabic, below. My Arabic is not so good, so I copy-pasted the transliteration in common alphabet. 🙂 It’s such a soothe to the soul. Hope you enjoy listening to it too.

Ya Nabi Salam Alayka – Lyrics – كلمات أغنية “يا نبي سلام عليك”:

أنت نور الله فجرا
جئت بعد العسر يسرا
ربنا أعلاك قدرا
يا إمام الانبياء

أنت في الوجدان حى
أنت للعينين ضى
أنت عند الحوض رى
أنت هاد وصفى
يا حبيبي يا محمد

يا نبي سلام عليك
يارسول سلام عليك
يا حبيب سلام عليك
صلوات الله عليك

يرتوي بالحب قلبي
حب خير رسل ربي
من به أبصرت دربي
يا شفيعي يا رسول الله

أيها المختار فينا
زادنا الحب حنينا
جئتنا بالخير دينا
يا ختام المرسلين
يا حبيبي يا محمد

يا نبي سلام عليك
يارسول سلام عليك
يا حبيب سلام عليك
صلوات الله عليك

Lyrics: Salah Galal
Melody: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira
Arrangement: Mahek Shah

Awakening Records is a subsidiary of the UK-based Awakening Worldwide that has operational offices in both United States of America (USA) and Egypt.
Awakening Records currently represents five artists: Maher Zain (Sweden), Hamza Namira (Egypt), Mesut Kurtis(Macedonia), Raef (USA), and Harris J (UK). (Previously Sami Yusuf & Irfan Makki among others).

© 2012 Awakening Records

================= the transliteration ====================

“Ya Nabi Salam Alayka (Arabic Version)”

Anta noorol lahy fajran
Jeita baadal osry yosran
Rabbona aalaka kadran
Ya imam al anbeya’ee

You are the light of Allah at dawn
You came after the hardship as convenience
Our Allah raised up your position
Oh Imam (Leader) of the Prophets

Anta fel wejdany hayyon
Anta lel aynayny dayyon
Anta endal hawdy reyyon
Anta haden wa safeyyon
Ya habeeby ya muhammad

You are alive in sentiment
You are the light of eyes
You are the irrigation at the Hawd (basin)
You are the absolutely pure guide
My beloved Muhammad

Ya nabi salam alaika
Ya rassool salam alayka
Ya habeeb salam alayka
Salawatol lah alayka

Oh Prophet, peace be upon you
Oh Messenger, peace be
Oh beloved, peace be
The prayers of Allah be

Yartawee bel hobby kalby
Hobby khayry rosly rabby
Man behee absarto darby
Ya shafee’ee ya rassool allah

My heart irrigates with love
Whom by him I have seen my path
The love of the best of Messengers of my God
My intercessor, Oh Messenger of Allah

Ayyohal mokhtaro feena
Zadanal hobbo haneena
Jeitana bel khayry deena
Ya khetamal morsaleena
Ya habeeby ya muhammad

Oh, the chosen out from us
Love boosted up the nostalgia
You came for us with religious peace
Oh, final Messenger
My beloved Muhammad

Ya nabi salam alayka
Ya rassool salam alayka
Ya habeeb salam alayka
Salawatol lah alayka

Oh Prophet, peace be upon you
Oh Messenger, peace be
Oh beloved, peace be
The prayers of Allah be


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