[Opinion] hold that temper, please

Last night, I had this conversation with my beloved one. He discussed about things that anger him. His emotion was overwhelming, I could almost literally felt the heat from his restless heart. Facing this, I smiled to him and said, “Dear, do you remember the legacy of Rasulullah Salallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam about temper? First of all, hold your temper. Hold your temper. Hold your temper. Secondly, the strongest man is not he who wins the wrestling, but he who is able to control his temper, even though he has the right to. I bet my sweetheart would love to be that strong man Rasul wanted, don’t you? Come, dear, you are a strong a patient man. Don’t forget, Allah is always with the patients..”


After the talk, somehow I was amazed with the love Allah sow between I and him. He came to me in such “flame”, hoping to seek peace by talking to me. All I know is that he already spent dozen of nights sujud on his sajadda (praying-rug), but alas his heart was still uneasy. In the other hand, at the same time, I was cold-sweating, struggled hard to conquer my PMS. Women are certainly understand the sore! Such pain could triggered anger, even the eleventh world war! Ha ha.. The pain is insane.

Even so, when my beloved came and talked, suddenly all the sore on my body just–gone. Transformed into this mild tongue and warm of heart. I could not believe it myself. Wow, how come? To be honest, on all the way from the office to my house, I felt like the urge to kill rises. *LOL*

I couldn’t help but believe, this must be the work of Allah who reversed my heart easily, from harshness to calmness. Perhaps this is Allah’s answer to my man’s prays, through me. Wallahu’alam.. Only Allah knows. I only hoped, Allah will always protect my beloved where ever he is, to keep him healthy, pours him with all halal things in the halal ways too. Aamiin..

control-the-temperAnyways, years ago, I once wrote about holding your anger or temper, but the entry is in bahasa Indonesia, sorry. Feel free to read it if you’d like. 😉 Now, enjoy your weekend.

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