Just because

Just because your heart shattered,
Doesn’t mean your body should be tortured.

Let the pain in the heart stays there,
Don’t let its thorns pricked you anywhere.
For the heart will heal by time,
But the mark on your body will stay for a long long long time.

Don’t punish your body for something your emotion did.

(Illust; googled)

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  1. enybodyhome says:

    mba nina lagi galau ya 😦

    1. Ahahahaha.. aku ngga galau, sayangku. Temenku niiih yg lagi galau. Dia sampe ngga makan ngga minum, menyiksa diri. 😀

      1. enybodyhome says:

        Wawwww… I hope its not you ya mbak :). Sayaaaang atuh badan seksi2 jd kurus ntaar

      2. Wkwkwkkwk.. nope. Aku akan selalu seksi. Cuman cowok bodoh yg gak mau mencintai lebih banyak daging dan lemak di tubuhku. Hahahaha..

      3. enybodyhome says:

        Bhuakakakakak. Cool!

      4. Hihihihi.. inget quote yang itu, En:

        I am not FAT. GOD loves me so much He decided to supersize me. 😉

      5. enybodyhome says:

        Bhakakakaka. Yoi..my most fave quote!

      6. Wkwkkwkwke… me too. 😉

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