Self Contemplating

nina's self-contemplating
nina’s self-contemplating

Amazing how fast time goes by. It flies. It unfolds life sheet by sheet.

Sometimes its speed stuns me. Strikes me. Freezes me.

Got me thinking, how long have I been stuck and how much did I miss life around me?

Have I done good? Have I grown wise enough?

Uh. Grow up. That is a part of life which I hate. Growing up.

And, as much as I denied, time always gets me growing. And as a person who was asked to be good, my mind must keep the time’s pace, so it will grow along, even beyond, the number of my age.

Sometimes it’s lost the race. And I want to keep the status quo of being a child.

O, time. Be good to me.
O, life. Be nice to me.
O, my Allah. Teach me the wisest way of learning my life and spending my time.

2 responses to “Self Contemplating”

  1. nino famuzi Avatar
    nino famuzi

    it’s about soul
    it’s about age
    it’s about spirit..
    i like it 🙂

    1. Nina Firstavina Avatar

      Eeeeeh Mas Nino! 😀
      Iyaa.. hasil tafakur tempo hari. Hihihi..
      Thank you for visiting, Mas. 😉

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