Talk to Al Jazeera: Prabowo Subianto


Photo: Al Jazeera FB-fan page
Photo by Al Jazeera (FB fanpage)

I, personally, am impressed with the fluency of his English. Not so many Indonesian leaders, including presidents and president-will-be’s, able to speak English so fluidly; with no notes. Answering in a spontaneous manner, purely accessing their own opinion, these are what I see in this interview video.

I will post the English subtitle of this interview later on, when I have the spare time. 😉 But for now, enjoy the vid.

Btw, I am NOT campaigning. Period.


The interview was Sept 24, 2o14, I think. (based on the photo album timeline of Talk To Al Jazeera fan page on facebook)

Anchorwoman: Veronica Pedrosa.

The following news is taken from Al Jazeera website:

Prabowo Subianto: ‘The people are fed up’

The Indonesian presidential candidate talks about his concerns, ambitions and plans for the future of his country.

Nelson Mandela was also blacklisted from the United States at one time, am I not in good company? – Prabowo Subianto, Indonesian presidential candidate

  Last updated: 17 Nov 2013 12:23

Two hours away from Jakarta, in a secluded hillside estate behind armed guards, is the man who wants to be the next leader of the 250 million Indonesian people.

The former general, Prabowo Subianto, is well known here. But to many people outside this country – the fourth most populous nation in the world – he remains an enigma.

Once the feared head of Indonesia’s notorious Special Forces, known as Kopasses, Prabowo puts those days firmly behind him. For the third time next year, he will run for the presidency on populist policies.

Surveys show that if elections were held now he would become president of Indonesia, the nation with the biggest Muslim population in the world.

Democracy in Indonesia, he says, is threatened by the country’s “elite”.

“Democracy in Indonesia can fail because of the weakness of our legal system, or our enforcement system, the massive cheating; it is a very sensitive period. How wise will the Indonesian elite be? Or will the Indonesian elite want to continue business as usual, continue the current state where everything is up for sale?”

Although his military career made him into the man he is today, his controversial past may also prove to be his greatest challenge.

The US government, for example, has banned him from entering the country because he is accused of overseeing the forced disappearances of activists and the torture of pro-independence fighters in East Timor.

“When you serve as a soldier in the highest echelons, you will always be subject to accusations, charges, defamation of character; that’s the risk of your profession,” he says.

“This is my third general election; I have been competing in politics for 15 years, in business. So every time my support goes up accusations start coming but the Indonesian people they are not that stupid, you know, that’s why I am getting strong support.”

But in the rough and tumble of Indonesia politics he has also made some powerful enemies.

On this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera, we speak with Prabowo Subianto about what he wants for his country, and how he responds to allegations of wrongdoing in his past.


Prabowo on "Talk to Al Jazeera"
Prabowo on “Talk to Al Jazeera”

To my personal disappointment, there are only two national-scale Indonesian medias who quoted this news. And they only mere using Prabowo’s statement which talking about US’s banned upon himself and compared to Nelson Mandela. made the title as it is: Wawancara Al Jazeera, Prabowo: Mandela Juga Masuk Daftar Hitam AS – and which made a more provocative title: Prabowo Samakan Dirinya dengan Mandela — but then when you hear the rest of the interview, what Prabowo said was not exactly comparing himself to Mandela. Hmmmm…

Anyways, I will post on the next entries, the full interview script and its translation. Gonna take lots of time, but I don’t mind. 🙂

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