Another Funny Convo with my Son

start-conversation-socialpronow_comIt happened last night. Not only funny, it’s also logic. 🙂

Funny Convo I –

Me: Imagine if you have a rich dad, Rang. Any car you wanted, you got it.

(We were strolling by luxurious car showroom along Pondok Indah area)

Me (again): ‘Dad, I want a Ferrari.’ ‘Are you sure, only Ferrari? I suggest Lamborghini.’ ‘Oh, okay then. Lambo it is.’

Rangga: It will be completely useless, Mom. No matter how cool our car is, it won’t go far here. Remember, traffic?

Me: Yeah, you’re right. Oh, shut up, you’re ruining my imagination!

Rangga: Riiiiite.. Carry on.

Funny Convo II –

Rangga: Mom, which would you prefer, being picked by car or motorcycle?

Me: Motorcycle of course.

Rangga: Rite, motorcycle is faster, but at least you could sleep in the car.

Me: Not cool to sleep while I’m driving it. Still, prefer motorcycle. It’s twice faster than riding a car. Can’t stand the traffic.

Rangga: Fly would be faster.

Me: Aha! Then my next husband should be able to buy us a helicopter. Note that as the most important term of my husband-will be.

Rangga: No, Mom. The most important should be “the candidate must be a man.”

Me: What? (Laugh). Well then, the most important thing is species. I won’t marry an ape or a cat!

Rangga: Even a rich cat?

Me: Shut up! (Think for awhile) Well, no. Not even a rich cat.

Rangga: Noted. Species it is.

Me: (laughing and unable to continue my imagination any further).

So much of a ballad of a rational son and his dreamy mother. 😀

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