imageStaring away, outside the window of my taxi
My mind is wandering off passed my weary
Oh, where are thee, Love, I feel so empty
Because I am so damn weak without thee

Two days have passed of nothingness from your side
I’ve tried hard to reach and asked so many why’s
Still you keep silent, made this pain spreading wide
My hope is fading, collapsing, for I won’t be your bride

The taxi keeps strolling, rolling on the noisy street
With my heart has fallen onto my feet
Still no answer for you, oh my loved one that I need
I don’t know where else to look for my soulfeed

I can’t believe it if this is a good-bye
I only think that even worst times will pass by
I just wish one day you would come home to me
With a big smile, warm hugs, saying “I’m yours, Honey.”