Hey, you, the owner of my heart. Where are you?

Are you exist?

I am lost after I ran away, carrying this rage in my chest. My eyes were clouded by disappointment, and my mind was overruled by fury when I smashed the doorway into my conscience. Locked it down into isolation.

But, when the distant tower clock rang eighteen-times, and the sun shines appear from the cloud, chasing away the night, I come around. Realizing. That life keeps on going, without waiting for me to recover. Ignoring my loud protest, even!

It was I who stuck in the past.

I put down my guard and started to dig the grass, searching for the gate-key that I planted to the earth earlier.

Lost. In silence

The wrath has dissolved, its smoke no longer stung my eyes. It’s just that, now my mind is puzzled by confusion.

Where am I? Have I ran too far, didn’t realize my foot come across this jungle of scar? And all I can see is the grand of greens, their leaves create nasty noisy voices that bothering this weary soul.

My body starts to shiver to the bone. Shouting a perfect line of, “I wanna go home!”

But I don’t know where to go. There’s no single path lies beneath my feet. Only hundreds of fragments in the sky playing all the beautiful stories of life. Of love. About the man who loves his woman. About the woman who is being pampered by her man. All romantic stories that had never served for me, only existed in my dream.

And time goes by. The night changes into day, and day shifted by nightfall. I, who are lost, still sitting here in silence.



In silence..