All I Ever Wish For in Life

imageAll I ever wish for in life is as simple as being loved. I wonder if that was too much to ask?

All I ever wish for in life is a good home. Warm family, where we all love and support one another. Listen and answer each other with our hearts. And solving problems by always consulting God. Always.

I wonder if that was too much to ask?

All I ever wish for in life is to see the bright smiley face on my children’s, every single day. Fulfill their every need and make them feel that they’re loved, completely. Letting them know that they will always have a family who support them unconditionally, mentally and spiritually. Grow them healthy and happy. Happy and strong-willed children.

I wonder if that was too much to ask?

All I ever wish for in life is to wake up in the morning, being held by those strong arms of my loving husband, feeling his tender kisses as I open up my eyes, listen to him whispering my name–saying he loves me and will take a good care of me. And hear him mentions my name and the children when he’s praying to God.

I wonder if that was too much to ask?

All I ever wish for in life is an intelligent, loving, strong, strict, leading husband worthy to follow and respect. Who listens patiently and answers us wisely. A man whose jokes make all of us laugh. A man who always stand in front of us to protect us, and always be ready behind to support us. A man who understands his roles as the captain, the leader, the father, the husband, the provider, the supporter, the lover, THE REAL MAN. A man who never afraid to appreciate and understands his wife. A man who devotes his life for us–his family–as his jihad to God.

I wonder if that was too much to ask?

All I ever wish for in life is to fall asleep inside that warm embrace of my husband’s wide chest, feeling his arms folding me like petals to its flower, protecting me, loving me whole-heartedly. Or keep me awake all night long to make love to me vigorously, passionately. Sending me to heaven-on-earth with many, many, many times of orgasms before he’s done, caressing me happily and only stop when I started to feel sleepy. And when he put his head on my cheek, he’d make me calm to hear his lullaby saying, “Sleep tight, dear. Sweet dream. Stop worrying life. I am here for you, to love you endlessly, to protect you with my soul, to do my best for our children with all my might. Sleep now and I promise you will still find me here tomorrow, embracing you. I will never leave you alone, inshallah, until God wants me to come home.”

Hmm.. I wonder if such man existed.

Is that too much to ask, God?

This is my heart speaking, my brain translating, and my fingers writing.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fayyeng says:

    i wanna be a part of this

    1. Thank you. But NO, thank you.
      You already had your chance. And you didn’t succeed. Sorry. ^_^

      1. fayyeng says:

        iya..dan saya berpikir lagi, tidak perlu saya ambil jika ada kesempatan.

      2. hehehehehe.. masa sih? 🙂

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