Weird Biker

Every single day as I leave home to the office, I always find interesting things on the road. Stylish bikers, whom bike, jacket, even the shoes and backpacks are all wearing the same color. Nice! Usually, they are long-ranged bikers, who rides to work. And, there are also bikers whom only wear flops, no helmet, and their style of riding are really pain in the ass. *LOL* These are usually no-license short-range local bikers, who rides only to the mart. Rrrrrryte…

Kawasaki Ninja 250CC
Ilust. The same bike as the “weird biker” I say here. (source:

Well, today, there is a biker who “rode the wind” on the buslane side at the Simprug – Permata Hijau area (Southern Jakarta, Indonesia). Whoaaa.., I thought, cool! He rides striped red-black-white Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC. The biker is also really stylish, wearing the same color as the bike. Except the helmet. He uses Valentino Rossi’s helmet: the sun and moon. So it’s kinda yellow and blue-ish helmet. But, still, KEWL!!!

Okay, you’re alright, I thought to myself. Meanwhile, we–me and the motortaxi–got passed the normal lane: went u-turn at the Permata Hijau tunnel, taking short cut to Senayan Golf area, and voila, arrived at Patal Senayan.

But, guess what, not long after we took the right lane in Patal Senayan road, I heard the same sound of the Kawasaki Ninja as the earlier bike. And, yep. There he is–the red-white-black 250cc Kawasaki Ninja, with that stylish biker, Rossi’s moon and sun replica helmet and very cool black hardcase back pack. But, what the heck! Didn’t he get pass us 10 minutes ago?

We let him pass us again on that Patal Senayan road. Then I talked to Iwan, my motortaxi driver, “You see, Wan, that’s the same biker we met at Simprug.”

“Really? Didn’t he ride fast long ago?”

“Yeah he did. Weird biker..” I replied.

When we are in front of Mulia Hotel Senayan, about 300 meters from Patal Senayan, well, we met that the red-white-black 250cc Kawasaki Ninja, AGAIN. Yes. The same bike, same biker, same sound. He was trapped on the left lane, wher there are many jockeys (an illegal service people to fool the police on the 3 in 1 area) and stopped cars to rent 1-2 jockeys.

I was thinking, “Bloody hell. Didn’t he get the trick of Jakarta’s road?” Then we, who ride blue-black Yamaha Mio matic 125CC, get passed him, because we took the right lane–the emptier and swifter lane. And then we turn right, to the area of TVRI (national TV station) Senayan. Hey, THE bike also took the same road with ours. But again, he’s on the left lane, so the jockey and stuck traffic trapped him all over again. This time, I laughed and told Iwan, “Guess this biker is kind of stupid, Wan. His bike is really noisy, but he didn’t go anywhere farther.”

Bajaj, the common public transport in Jakarta (img source:

And then, 50 meters later, he overtook us. Well, since he rides faster bike, it’s easy for him to do so. But, you know what, again, as we get passed the Senayan Fly Over and took the left lane to The Navy buildings area, THE red-white-black 250cc Kawasaki Ninja also took the same road, and went to Bendungan Hilir area. But he got stuck again with the traffic there, so we get passed him. Hahahaha..

This time, Iwan commented, “I think you’re right, Mbak, the biker IS weird. Stupid, maybe. He didn’t know the right lane to take.”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “It makes him just the same with Bajaj (a public transport), noisy but didn’t go so far.”

Moral of the story: if you want to flaunt, be smart.


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