To my Children

My dear sons. One day, when you grown up, you will be the leader (imam) of your family–wife and children. Remember your mom’s words today. I may not the best mother in the world, but keep this in mind, since I am saying the truth of life:

Marriage is NOT a result. It is NOT the end of your relationship. In fact, it is the BEGINNING of your journey. The journey of two. And more, with your kids, later on.

Your wife will be the person who will stand by your side much longer than your parents may do. Sh

e will be the only person who can cope with your worsts and forgive you every single time. But DO treat your wife with your best behaviors. She deserves it.

Listen to her with your heart. Lead her with love. If she made mistakes, correct her gently. If she forgot, remind her tenderly. Love her with all your soul. Protect her with all your might. Because a wife, is an amanah from Allah. So, if you do your bests for her, it means you also do a good job for your God.

And to my beloved daughter, my advice is exactly the same with your brothers. The only thing that different is that, be the best makmum (the led-one) you can be. Only marry the best man who loves you for Allah, not for himself nor for yourself. Trust Allah as Your Guide and Protector. Then, inshallah, everything will be alright.

My children, if you noted those words and do them all later for your lives, that means you’re making me the happiest and proudest mom in the world.

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