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himitsu-shoujo-5-024You think it’s normal to fall in love with a boy, marry him and have his kids, right? You’ve never questioned it, because you were raised in an environment where that was presented as the only right way, and anything else was abnormal.

If it had been the opposite, you wouldn’t have thought that falling in love with boys was right.

So, someone who’s “sheltered” is still stuck in that little box where society says a given way of love is right or wrong.

But,Β love isn’t governed by logic.

“Himitsu Shoujo 4, Don’t Make Me Fall for You” ~ Chi-Ran (2007)

My personal opinion: I like yuri manga stories. Not because I have the tendencies of being a lesbian (err.. I married twice and have 3 kids, yeah I love men! *LOL* ) But it’s because, most of the time yuri stories are more philosophical than any other genres. This one is the good example of it. ^_^