My beloved husband gave me sweet surprise for my 31th birthday..

At first, he took me to Ungu’s new basecamp in Tebet area. He insisted, saying that he wanted to meet Ungu’s personnel and crew. Said that he missed them. FYI, my husband was the road manager of Ungu (famous Indonesian band), but he quit a slight moment before Ungu’s popularity boost!

And so, he took me to the basecamp. He reunited with the crews and met Pasha (the vocalist of Ungu) and Roman (drummer) who seemed very happy to meet my husband. πŸ™‚

Of course, it’s been years since the last time they seen each other!

Anyways, at some point, my husband left me mingling with his fellows–the Ungu personnel. Awkward. Well, I, honestly, NOT a fan of Ungu, so I HAD NO idea who their names are. Hahahaha.. But, I chatted with Roman anyways, for around 10 minutes. Then he returned with a strawberry cake and small colorful candles and number 3 and 1 glittery candles. Suddenly, everyone was spontaneously congratulate me. Haha.. I was a bit shy, but surely happy.

One of Ungu’s crews expressed his surprise to know that my husband can act romantic after married to me. Haha.. Yeah, my husband is not a romantic kind of man, at all! That’s why everyone was surprised with his act–that considered romantic. Hehe..

Thank you, my darling husband, for being surprisingly romantic to me, on my 31th birthday.. πŸ˜‰ I love you, my dearest soulmate! :-*