Embracing Differences

Sometimes I wonder, why would some people fascinated by ‘clearly-gross’ reptiles, like snakes or crocs. Why would they and why snakes?

I kept thinking about the answer the past–well–my whole life! And today, I found the answer… Might be too late, but it’s better than never! (Haha.. What an ancient excuse!) Anyways, the answer is…. They must’ve the same feelings with mine toward cats, any feline species. They–reptile lovers–might throw the same question to me: “How come cats fascinated you? They’re lazy and spent most time doing nothing at all, and they steal too..”

And I might answer, “Lazy? Says who? Cats are the best hunter in the world! If they seen laze around is because they had to rest before the next hunt begins. Simply, they had to save their strength between meals.. And they’re not stealing. They simply use and take whatever they have in their territory!” And I might speak up more answer about cats I knew so far.. (I’m not only talking about domestic feline, but also wilder and bigger cats)

And the reptile lovers might have more disagreements with mine, and I also might have similar disagreements with their reasons of choice of passion to reptiles.

Such discussions will never come to an end–ever! This happens all the time in life, while the answer is simple…we have different taste or liking, and it’s okay! Nobody’s taste is better than anybody else’s when it comes to “love toward something..”

Simply, God made each one of us different. NOT to create clashes, it (difference) is rather exist to enrich our lives, yet to improve our knowledge and know-how toward this earth. Just like God created many colours to beautify rainbows.. No colour is better than the other, because every colour is already the best masterpiece that God ever created.

Now I wonder if all of us, human, able to embrace our differences, and live peacefully among all of that differences. Because (really!) being different is not a threat to anyone at all, it’s simply The Life itself.. Let’s fill our lives embracing differences, as long as it’s not destructive…of course! *doh* ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh, and…
Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Birthday to my dear me..
Happy Birthday to me..!

Yep, it’s my 31st.. So young, huh? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. the writer says:

    So youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung (bhs Inggris logat jowo)

  2. The N-ormous says:

    hihihiih… iya dooong.. so youuuuuung… :p

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