Being picky is important!

The Cendrawasih (Bird of Paradise) Dance
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Females should never choose non superior males

At least that’s what I saw on Animal Planet’s Battle of Sexes. Yes, in animal kingdom, females ONLY chose alpha (superior) males. For them (females) this is very important for the sake of their generations. Females will never choose common males, because for females, their eggs are precious. And their precious eggs only deserve best seeds.

For instance, in avian kingdom, there are species of birds that require the best looking males before they are allowed to mate with the hens. Like Cendrawasih (Paradise Bird of Papua), Peacock and Turkey. The male must prepare themselves and do their best to impress the hens. If they didn’t seem impressive, the hens will not allow them to mate.

And some other species of birds that require the males who are best in hunting foods or making best nests. It’s very important for the survival of their off springs. Because, once the hens laid eggs, they will not leave their eggs un-guard until they’re hatch. And once the chick hatched, the hens will not leave them alone. Therefore, they (the hens and the chicks) depend fully to their males to feed them and provide them the perfect nests. If not, both hens and chicks will die of starvation.

Now, look at us, human. It’s almost completely vice versa, even though God blessed us with brain to think, and not to feel. There are still women who chose losers and stupid men to be their partners. This is ironic, don’t you think? I mean, come on, God has given all of us the tool to think logically, and given us the right to choose, and what we do is to choose wantonly! Some foolish women chose lazy or stupid or incompetent men. Just because these men are great on bed don’t mean that they are good in handling real life!

So, just WAKE UP, ladies! You deserve the best men only! You have the right to choose your “alpha male”. It doesn’t matter if in the past you were raped or abused, you still have the right to be happy and feel secure!

However, I admit, some men are so good in speaking lies, they fooled good women. If this happened, ladies, you still have the right to make it right. Mistakes are mean to be corrected, NOT to be swallowed as they (faults) are poisons! If you were trapped in the word of “consequences”, then be wise to decide if these (consequences) must end, once for all.

There is a fine line between taking consequences and stay foolish. But, some of us choose not to do anything, as “revolution” might shift us from our comfort zone. If only we would look closer, revolution (actually, it’s re evolution) is necessary, because it might change one’s life, BIG TIME, to a better off condition!

Anyways, like I said in the early paragraphs, women shall not choose losers. If animals can do it, why can’t we? Love is not the issue! It’s the next generation’s best genes matters the most!!

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