It’s okay to move on

Life taught me, it’s easier to forgive others than forgiving yourself. 💐 But you have to. So that, you can move on. You see, it’s alright to move on and leave everything behind. Really, it’s alright.. 🤗

I know it’s very difficult to forgive someone you loved who had let you down, failed you, hurt you, betrayed you. But if you able to do it, means you have grown stronger and wiser than before.

And I know, the most difficult thing is to forgive yourself—thought that you have done your very best, you have tried so hard to fix it, survive it, mend it, heal it. You have swallowed your ego; you compromised to the extend which you never done to anyone else before.. And yet your ship still sank. Regardless of whose fault it was, you still feel that you have failed—at the very least, as if you’ve failed yourself.

Sometimes, in order to make you feel better about yourself, you started to talk bad about your ex—be it the truth or you exaggerated it. But, TRUST ME, even if it was the fact, talking ill about your past lovers will not make you feel better.

So, be brave to change your mindset. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Everything happens for a reason. And have faith, the reasons are to let you grow wiser, smarter, tougher, stronger, and more appreciative toward your future.

Again, be brave. 🦁

We will be alright, biidznillah (by God’s will). ❤️

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