fatally forgotten?

Despite the uncomfortable past I had with my ex husband, he is still that type of person I can rely on many MANY things. He is that helpful type, sincere and efficient kind of guy. Even after we separated for so many years, he will always come to my aid when I asked him to. That is the quality and kindness of his, the main reason why I decided to marry in back in 2007.

But, well, situation changed. Sometimes, even good people can make bad decisions. Of course it’s forgivable. Sadly, my trust already crushed. So… Just like that proverb saying, Even good thing must meet its end.

Ah, let it go. Case closed. No need to reminiscing on that moment anymore.

Let’s get the train back to the track..

Anyway, I almost messaged him by whatsapp, asking him to accompany me to a wedding ceremony that will take place in Bandung, West Java–my hometown, about 100 km from this city I’m living in, forgotten that my ex is now living in Surabaya, East Java (about 650 km away from Jakarta).

And the “fatal” one is that, I completely forgotten that he is now MARRIED. Haha.. Dang it! Where’s your head, Nina? 🤣

Happy weekend, folks. ❤️

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