My love, πŸ’•

Spread your wings and fly.

Reach out for the stars and everything you desired to. ✨

When you’re feeling weary, exhausted, bored, and longing for resting, come follow the voice inside your heart, for I will be at the end of the line.

Tap the glass and call out my name. Inshaallah, you will find me smiling cheerfully at you and you’ll feel the warmth of my love. πŸ€—

I promise, your body and soul will only find comfort with me.

We will talk, immerse ourselves in amazing conversations, for hours. Maybe accompanied by a cup of warm tea and a bowl of hot meatballs soup–which you love.

Afterward, feel free to fly away again. πŸ¦…

Be yourself. Be your happiness.

Just remember when you are tired, you can always come home to me.

Worry not for I will always be here for you. Waiting for you. With all my patience, love, prays, and wishful thinking for you.

That is my true happiness.

Because I was made to complete you, without ever getting in your way.

May one day, your wisdom will find this is one of the reasons of Allah loving you–through me. πŸ’•

I am sure, you will understand it one day.


Versi Indonesia:


Bentangkan sayapmu dan terbanglah.

Raihlah semua cita, niat, dan rangkaian rencanamu.

Jika kau lelah, jenuh, penat, dan mendambakan waktu beristirahat, ikuti saja suara hatimu, karena aku akan berada di ujungnya.

Ketuk kaca itu dan panggil namaku. Insyaa Allah, aku akan selalu menyambutmu dengan wajah ceria dan kehangatan kasihku.

Aku janji, bersamaku, kau akan selalu menemukan ketenangan lahir dan batinmu.

Kita akan berbincang seru sambil ditemani secangkir teh hangat manis, dan mungkin juga semangkuk bakso panas. πŸ˜πŸ™

Setelah itu, terbanglah lagi.

Jadilah dirimu sendiri. Jadilah bahagiamu.

Jika nanti lelah lagi, pulanglah lagi kepadaku. πŸ€—

Jangan khawatir, aku akan selalu berada di sini untukmu, menunggumu, diiringi sabar dan doaku untukmu.

Itulah kebahagiaanku.

Karena aku tercipta untuk melengkapimu, bukan menghalangimu.

Semoga suatu saat kamu memahami, betapa Allah begitu mencintaimu, dan aku adalah salah satu wujud cinta-Nya kepadamu. ☺️

Kelak, kau mengerti. πŸ™

December 10th, 2018 – anniversary of our friendship