Impatience within patience

I am a very impatient woman when it comes to future possibilities. I believe in chances and good intentions (niat). Those things (good efforts) that Allah likes, He would bless them, therefore all will lead to great results in the future, inshallah–if Allah will it.

So, if you already have a good niat, good plan, good behavior, good character, what are you waiting for? Do you not believe Allah will take care the rest?

That’s how I think.

Weird, eh?

At least some said so. Some said, that’s such a naive way of thinking. Some said I’m foolish. And some said I’m crazy.

Sometimes I think, maybe, just maybe, I am a little bit of it all.. But if you say: You are an impatient lady, Nina, then you are not wrong, I admit, I am. Impatient. 😁

In other hand, when reviewing my past life, everyone I know will say: You are the most patient lady I ever known. Almost ALL people say that. Even my ex husband, who made me cry so badly so many times already, said I am the greatest woman he ever known. Uh, not sure if that’s a compliment or… Well, I’ll just take it as a compliment then. 😁

I mean, my ex was an asshole as some point, but he’s originally a good and honest person. Once. 😋 hahaha.. No, really he’s nice, that’s why I married him. But, you see, people change.. Let’s not go there, and return to our main topic: is Nina impatient or patient?

The contradiction is somewhat interesting, don’t you think? 🤔 Or perhaps, I am both patient AND impatient.

I already explained how do I considered myself impatient, now let me tell you of how patient I am (or can be).

So, here’s the story….


Uh.. You know what, I’m a bit lazy to tell the entire story tonight. How about you just read my past writings, you’ll find the answer. Haha.. 😂 Just trust me, I am very patient when it comes to facing such painful and tearful moments. Trust me. 😇 But then again, don’t trust anyone who said, “Trust me.” 🤣

Oh my.. I’m sorry if I am being such an annoying brat tonight. Promise, I will write more useful information or knowledge or inspiration later on. But for tonight, I’ll just stop here and say that I am both patient and impatient, indeed. 😊 Have a lovely end of July, folks. Stay happy. 💐🎉🤗


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