Eid Mubarak 1439 H, folks

Hello, KawaNina.

Eid Mubarak. Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum. May Allah accept our shaum. 🙏

This would be our fourth Eid without my mom, and second Eid of celebrating Eid “alone” without my dad, brother, sisters, and the rest of our family in Bali. I couldn’t bring myself and the kids to visit Bali due to financial reason. But inshallah, next year. Aamiin..

Even so, Alhamdulillah, this year’s Eid Al-Fitr is quite lovely, with all its “unique stories” behind it. First of all, we actually cook Eid’s meal, Indonesian style: ketupat (rice cakes), opor ayam (chicken white curry with coconut milk and sliced potato), and kering kentang teri (spicy grated potato with dried anchovy). Indonesian anchovy is quite different with Western’s. Ours are smaller than the skewers.

This is what ketupat (rice cakes) looks like. The skin made of coconut leaves
Ketupat with chicken white curry + coconut milk, and spicy grated potato with dried anchovy. Took this pic from my son’s instastory. And there’s our cat, Pipi The Fluffy, watching as we ate. Haha..

It was raining in the noon too, Alhamdulillah. The weather is cold, humid, which I like. 😍

Later that night we visited my kids’ grand parents. Eid’s silaturrahim, greeting and congratulates each other while enjoying the meals–kurma (dates), cookies, peanuts–as well. Yumm.. 😁

Meanwhile, I also exchanged message with “my bae” Meneer Aladdin. 😁 I think I didn’t tell much about him in this blog… 😝 I will make another post about him later. Just know that we are very close friends, even though we only know each other for 7 months. He’s a Muslim Dutch of Arabian descendant. That’s why I call him Meneer Aladdin. Meneer is a Dutch word for “mister” or “sir”.

I must say honestly, I love this guy, deeply, that I am willing to wait for him to open up his heart for me. And he knows that. He’s aware of my feelings. I told him to reject me if he doesn’t want me, but I think he decided to keep me close, and closer every day. I know he’s interested in me. He said he likes me so much, loved talking to me and he thought I’m smart and he likes that.

So far, he treated me so lovingly, but to admit that he loves me, no way, dude! Haha… He’s a respectable man, so he took pride on that, which is fine by me. He always deny the fact that he loves me too. Or, that he went very jealous, like when I talk about my male friends and colleagues. Especially when he knows my ex husband came to my house, few weeks ago, because our youngest missed his mom and his siblings. To hear that I served foods to my ex, that’s when he went “crazy”. He was so jealous that he called me later that night, asking me: do you want me to give you a specific dua, so you and your ex can get back together? Hahahahahaha…

Okay, that’s a story I will tell another time. Back to Eid story.

So, I exchanged messages with Meneer Aladdin. As one of a high profiles among Dutch Muslims in Netherlands, Eid made him very VERY busy. He said, his team are welcoming a group of people came from one of the largest Turkiye’s Muslim organizations. The event took place in his family’s masjid. So it’s a great honor to maintain this kind of Muslim brotherhood of two countries. Hmm.. I’m impressed.

I understand he’s busy, so I asked him, “Baby, send me pictures.” And so he did. And, man, he’s sooooo stunningly handsome in those pictures… *sigh*

Sometimes I wish he just send me ugly pictures… you know, like a picture of him picking nose, or making weird expressions.. 😝 If he keeps sending me handsome pics, I will just get more and more…. fall deeper and deeper… dang it! 😅 Now I miss talking to him while staring at those big honey eyes.

He did call me later on, after he finished all his Eid things. 😁 My baby is a busy bee. And, oh yeah, I call him “baby”, sometimes “schat” (a Dutch word for “honey”, or “treasure”) and he didn’t seem to mind that. 😊

Well, that completes the story of my fun Eid. Alhamdulillah.. Inshallah I will write the history of how I met Meneer Aladdin, later. 😁

Have amazing days, folks.


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