Let Go and Let God

I used to think I should control everything that happens in my life, so that I’d live my life easier, and happier. I avoided frictions. I tried hard to make people liked me. I was so busy putting myself in this “spot light” so people would agree with me.

Guess what, I was NOT happy. The more I try to control, the harder life became.

Then I had this “small” conversations with some good friends, at different place and different time, about “LET GO” and “LET GOD”. Said that some things in life actually need Divine’s intervention, and simply, we can’t control everything that happened to us. It was the moment I learned how to stop fighting and start ACCEPTING.

“Our fates are already designed in details by Allah. You can’t run, and not even hide, from Allah’s watch. So if everything has been decided by Allah, what else can we do than to accept and do our best effort to fulfill the destiny set for us in the first place,” my friend said.

“And, pray, as it is a part of the efforts (ikhtiar). The rest, leave it to Allah. Trust Allah, that He’s only giving the best for us, and it is a part of what ‘laa ilaha ilallah’ (syahadah) really means,” another explained.

“Patience is virtue. Tawakkal and ikhlas are another level of it,” my mom said, three days before she died.

Of course, talk is cheap, and it’s much harder to walk the talk. But, I did it. I started with baby step, leaving everything to Allah even when I sometimes worried or even disagreed with it. Because in the end, I ALWAYS find, Allah’s plans are always much better than mine.

So, now, it’s alright if somebody try to argue me. It’s okay if some people disliked me and fight me. I’d just stare at them and walk away, because these kind of people never deserve my time. I choose to focus on how to make myself a better person, without needing to ask anyone’s permission or agreement, whatsoever.

And this way, I am MUCH HAPPIER. Less stress, and more focus in deepen my faith.

Alhamdulillah for wise friends Allah sent me. I believe Allah speaks to me indirectly through these great people. I am mighty grateful Allah surrounded me with these kind souls, gentle yet tough characters, and open-minded people I called friends and family. Knowing and growing with you all is such honor for me. Thank you, and Thank Allah.

Have a pleasant Ramadhan. 🙂

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