[Islam] The Sajada

Literally my “magic carpet”. It called sajada. It takes me to a special journey and meet Allah. At least 5 times a day.

The sajada

Do you know why Muslims require to pray 5 times a day? They called “shalat”. We do the shalat fardhu (the-must-do pray) 5 times a day. In the dawn before the sunrise 2 rakaat, at high noon 4 rakaat, before sunset 4 rakaat, between the sunset and the night fall (maghreeb) 3 rakaat and night fall 4 rakaat. We also have the sunnah: rawatib and other kind of shalat.

Each of the shalat means we’re having this special journey to meet Allah, The Divine Creator of the Universe, our souls travel across any kind of dimensions while our bodies stay on earth.

So why should we do it, at least 5 times a day? Aside of it’s the rule, I really think that human unable to carry on living without hopes. And as Muslim, Allah fulfilled that hopes of meeting Him 5 times a day. How amazing is that? 🙂

And a great Muslim will keep the commitment to meet Allah 5 times a day, at least. Well, no, Allah does not need us. Allah does not need to be worshipped by human, since Allah already worshipped by the entire universe. We, humans, are just a tiny winy speck of dust. We, human, need to worship Allah. It is the only true connection. You can always break up connection with other humanbeings. We’re mortals. But Allah is immortal. We need that connection.

And this sajada, is one of several devices to get on that connection. What’s other devices? Your heart, mind, and consciousness. Feel the love of Allah, and you will be completed.

The sajada

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